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Notion Ink Adam a Scam?!

You all know that all of us here at are great Notion Ink Adam fans. However recent events (or rather non-events) have made us all wonder if Notion Ink Adam is after all vaporware at best, a deliberate scam at worst.

The facts:

  • Pre-order of Notion Ink Adam started in early December (and what a shambles that was)
  • Money was taken from the credit cards end of December, beginning of January.
  • The first shipments of the pre-ordered Notion Ink Adam’s was supposed to start around January 9.
  • The Notion Ink Adam was showed off at CES January 9 – 11 and received really good reviews. We saw it and wrote about it, and we were extremely impressed.

Now we are one week after CES and (as far as we know) no unites have been shipped. The CEO of Notion Ink has made a blogpost saying that there have been delays in receiving the final FCC and CE numbers, and that has caused delays in Notion Ink Adam. However, in the same blogpost he also said that people in countries not needing FCC / CE approval have received their Notion Ink Adam’s:

  • If actually someone would have received their pre-ordered Notion Ink Adam, you would have expected some sort of post / tweet/ whatever showing off their beloved “first born”. But not a peep!
  • In an email from support at Notion Ink they say that no Notion Ink Adam’s will be shipped before they have the correct FCC / CE numbers.
  • Nowhere on the FCC site is there any references to Notion Ink nor the CEO of Notion Ink having made any FCC applications.

So, based on the above – we here at are starting to worry about if Notion Ink Adam is a scam after all. We sincerely hope that, that is not the case – but for every day that passes by and no information forth-coming from Notion Ink, it looks worse and worse.

What is your take on the Notion Ink Adam situation? Replies in the commets please!

18 Responses to “Notion Ink Adam a Scam?!”

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  1. dj says:

    I don’t believe that this can be a scam, but i feel that Notion ink management is too overconfident of their abilities.Yes, the product might have capability but people choose the product and company which is trustworthy and looks like NI is not.

  2. Tom says:

    I am a loyal blog follower at Notion Ink, Im not a Notion Ink drone , as I’m sure many who will come to your site will be…Im an objective platform systems engineer that has had to listen to many a BS story from vendors and marketeers. Unfortunately many people in this world are way too easy to dupe, and many of the loyal bloggers at Notion Ink are ripe for the taking.

    You can point out PURE FACTUAL misleading statements, and they will turn an irrationale blind eye to them. For instance I have as of today become VERY suspicious about Rohans latest blog in which he mentions that some new owners have their adams…well only those who were loyal blog posters were given first rights to order the adam, regardless of their country of origin…and we are going on 4 days since Rohan made that statement and NOT ONE of these alledged “adam” owners who were “family” to Notion Ink has posted a single confirmation/affirmation. SOMETHING IS WRONG, Im not ready to say its a scam, but every hour that Rohan remains “missing” under these circumstances is more reason to suspect you could be right…thats called being objective…and not a mind numbed drone.

  3. Badbilou says:

    Just be patient … I hope !

  4. Suresh says:

    Are you serious? Its well documented that FCC delays are delaying the shipments!

  5. legaleagll says:

    Actually, I think you are wrong on several of these points. I take that back, I know that you are wrong on several of the points.

    1. I preordered and they have not yet charged my card any money.
    2. Everyone in the preorder can see the following language on their preorder status: “This is our best estimate of the shipping date. The actual date may vary; we will keep you informed in case that happens.”
    3. Did you see an e-mail from support saying that no Adam’s will be shipped before they have the correct FCC/CE numbers or did you see a post where someone said that is what they received? Was that a quote from the e-mail or a summary? Was it in response to a request from someone in the US asking for it to be shipped without the FCC/CE numbers?
    4. The FCC site clearly has a reference to Notion Ink. Go to “” and search for Notion Ink or their Grantee # Y2G and you will see that they submitted a request on 11/24/2010. Before you say that the Attachments and Correspondence link has no documents, understand that there is nothing for Public Review. You would get the same response to that link if you searched for Research in Motion.

    You really should get your facts straight before posting something like this.

  6. what says:

    So the were at CES 2010 to scam thousands? i doubt it. More like someone needs hits.

  7. Vijay Ayyappan says:

    Totally surprised to see your impatience..,, and lack of understanding of running a start-up business. Apple was just 90 days short of filing bankruptcy ONCE (before re-engineering into launching iPod etc) and even the major established companies like GM, Chrysler was bailed out none other than the Federal government…

    It is very evident and perhaps not too right for the American MIND to be bit transparent ..instead if had tied up with BEST BUY to sell all ADM thru them.. i am sure you would have waited for more weeks if they make press announcements !!!!

  8. jayachandran says:

    based on the same above facts:
    1.vaporware at best,- you should be blind of-course , as you have no ability to see things whic exists physically in the 3Dimension world.
    2. deliberate scam at worst.- is this you definition of scam? This is YOUR DELIBERATE JOURNALISTIC SCAM JUST TO GET MORE TRAFFIC.

    shame on you . please be ready to eat your own …. soon. are you sir?

  9. nisheeth says:

    You succeeded in making me visit your website afterall, I am pretty sure this was your objective when you termed Adam “vaporware” and “scam”. After CES it is clear that Adam is NOT vaporware and a company which has designed such an innovative product is not likely to be satisfied with carrying out a scam to rob people of a few thousand or million dollars when they can with a little patience make billions.

    However, the fact of delay in delivery is there. But this may be attributed to many factors. But the most obvious of them all (which is most ignored at the same time) is the fact that while companies like Apple have been able to secure approvals from FCC very fast, NI has failed to do so. There might be a deliberate attempt from big players to tarnish the image of a brillant startup. The delivery of adams to people outside US and Europe may actually be limited to partners only at this moment. Whatever the reality is, it definitely doesn’t correspond with Adam being a vaporware or NI being a scam.

  10. samadhan says:

    This is from fcc site

    Displaying records 1 through 1 of 1. Attachments & Correspondence Grantee Code Grantee Name Mailing Address P.O. Box City State Country Zip Code Contact Name Date Received
    Y2G Notion Ink Design Labs Pvt. Ltd. 6th Floor, D Tower, Subramanya Arcade, Bannerghatta Road N/A Bangalore, Karnataka N/A India 560029 Rohit Rathi 11/24/2010

  11. raj says:

    Look, no one even cares of your post

  12. evolu says:

    fuck of!

  13. snah says:

    Have been following this train crash for over a year now.Morbid curiosity keeps me tuned in.Really is worthy of a
    soap opera.

    Rohan’s legion of koolaid slurpers will no doubt be along directly to shout your article down.How dare you blaspheme the religion of notion ink and the false prophet rohan.

    His lies,misinformation,censorship and games are amusing.Fantastic way to treat present customers and potential customers.Will continue to be amused as this unravels further.

  14. someone says:

    I am still hopeful to get my hands on my own ordered Adam. I would love to see a hands on review by one of these nonEU/USA owners as it would prove two things: 1) Adams are out there and they are real 2) Notion Ink isn’t lying through its teeth every time it opens its mouth.
    There is the disheartening last resort of a massive class action lawsuit against Notion Ink that would definitely bankrupt them and we would never see an Adam again. Using the highest estimates as examples: 100,000 people ordered Adams at $600 each on their credit card which has been adding interest at 23% APY over the last month. (Hopefully my math is somewhat accurate here) To pay that back NI would need to pay out nearly 62 million dollars just for refunds with credit card interest, plus legal fees, plus damages. All in all you could look at a 100 million dollar lawsuit possibility against a company for a product that never shipped.

  15. MR says:

    The article has factual errors & is misleading.
    1. Notion Ink has a FRN & Grantee Code in FCC indicating that it has atleast approached FCC for certification (whether it has got authorization is a different story): Grantee Code Y2G.
    2. The shipment date mentioned for each of the pre-orders clearly mentioned that its the best-case earliest possible date to ship. Holding on to such date as deliverable date is jumping the gun. Many big reputed companies have had delays in regular shipments so this is not something abnormal. This was a pre-order (NI needs to sort out their kinks: supply chain & customer-communications) where they have mentioned a delay of about a week.
    3. Yes the corporate communication of NI is not professional as their lack of adequate marketing & proper planning (FCC FRN date filed Nov 24, 2010 for shipment in Jan 2011 etc.) BUT that doesn’t make this a scam. Its more a case of inexperience and incompetency rather than what they sort out for.
    4. The pre-order was successful for a silent majority (including me). It was handled by Cc-avenue that handles Indian Railways internet transactions (2nd largest volume handler in Asia after Visa). Yes they faced issues with MasterCard but I guess start ups learn from their mistakes. I don’t see how this can be attributed to a scam.

    NO, I am not an NI FAN. I also don’t have good opinion about their marketing/business/communication strategies. I also am awaiting a product from a little known startup after having ordered without a touch/feel at it. I understand its frustrating to wait for the device to show up without availability of proper information.

    BUT CALLING IT A SCAM IS BEING DISHONEST AND MISREPORTING especially so early into their shipment dates.

  16. Repmovsb says:

    This is all factually incorrect and academic now per NI Blog.

    FCC Numbers have been received and will be printed on the product next week with shipments starting middle of next week.

    End of story, end of scam…lol…

    PS Biggest mistake NI ever made was deciding to ‘go public’ with their schedule. Absolute best case was they would meet it, otherwise they would be late, and they were, by a couple of days.

  17. shonangreg says:

    To all you Notion Ink supporters, we *want* the Adam to be a real device. Stop being paranoid and defensive. You have to admit that the management of Notion Ink has been fumbling the rollout. Delay after delay with late, mysterious-sounding explanations that always sound like what a con artist would say, “Oh, it is coming, and it is even better than you expect!”

    And where are the people who have received the Adam? Where are their unboxing videos, original photos, shipping notes, etc.? Saying you got yours but you can’t post photos is not helping!

    One would be hard pressed to make a real product look more like a scam than the way the Adam has been promoted. And I am definitely an Adam supporter who would love to buy a good product from a new Indian manufacturer.


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